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The pyrolytic lignin can be converted into a raw material for roofing materials and asphalt products by applying a special treatment. In this way the pyrolytic lignin is converted into a modified pyrolytic lignin which is also known as Biotumen and can be used as a replacement for fossil bitumen. A few years ago in a locally (Dutch) funded project called BIOtumen a few hundreds kilo’s of modified pyrolytic lignin (BIOtumen) was produced, shipped to the production facility of the consortium partner Derbigum and processed into approx. 1200 m2 of roofing membranes. The produced roofing material was subsequently placed on a residential complex in Nijmegen (NL) as well as on a private house in Enschede (NL). In total 900 m2 of test roof was fitted with this material.[1]