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In 2013, CEN received a mandate from the European Commission to develop standards for the use of fast pyrolysis oil in different applications [1]. Early 2014, a dedicated working group (WG41) was established under TC19. In the mandate different qualities of FPBO are foreseen for 5 different applications, being

1. FPBO replacing heavy fuel (HFO)

2. FPBO replacing light fuel oil (LFO)

3. FPBO to be used as a fule in stationary engines and turbines

4. FPBO as feedstock for gasification to syngas

5. FPBO suitable for co-processing with mineral oil in conventional refinery

A European Standard will be developed for 1) and 2). For the 3rd application a Technical Specification will be prepared, whereas the work on the 4th and 5th application has been postponed. A Standard is obligatory for each EU member state to implement in national law; this is not the case for a Technical Specification.


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